About me

I am a Computer Science major at UCI with many interests and hobbies. I have a love for technology which is part of the reason I am making this website and pursuing computer science as a career. My first software related job was in summer 2018 when I interned at General Atomics ASI. At General Atomics, I was able to improve my Python skills and work with new tools. I am looking forward to my next internship experience at Viasat Carlsbad as an IT Software Engineering intern.

On the side, I have always had an interest in web and app development. It wasn't until attending a few workshops that I realized I could use Python (my first language!) as a back-end for web applications. This web site and all the projects linked here are written using the Flask framework, my own HTML/CSS/JavaScipt, and Boostrap. Right now, I am using Digital Ocean to host this site (this may change).

This website is still under construction. I try to work on it in my free time. As of December 2018, I have been working on my Watchlist application mostly because I really dislike the IMDB watchlist system and I want to make a replacement (even if nobody uses it but me!).

Thanks for reading!

Things that have interested me recently:

I have this addictive habit of collecting old Apple Computers (PowerPC G3/G4 and early Intel era) and refurbishing them. Unfortunately, these computers are getting harder to find, and therefore are getting more expensive to buy and repair.


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